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What Is PIN Code?

The acronym PIN stands for Postal index Number and is more popularly known as the pin code. The PIN code is 6 digits long. There are nine postal zones in India which included eight regional zones as well as one functional zone which is reserved for the army.
The first digit of the pin code represents the region, the second digit indicates the sub-region and the third digit represents a particular district of the sub-region. Lastly, the final three digits are allotted to the individual post offices in that district.
The PIN code is a numbering system adopted by the Indian Postal Services in which every post office is allotted a unique code which is known as PIN code. This PIN code speeds up the mail delivery process by sorting out the mail based on these unique numbers.
The PIN code system in India started from 15 August 1972, to simplify the manually sorting and delivering the mail by eliminating the confusion over incorrect and similar addresses and place names.

Why Do We Need PIN Code?

The PIN codes are mainly used in the postal services. A PIN code directs the mail to a particular place depending on the pre-assigned codes. There is a possibility that many places must be having the same or at least similar names and in India this naming system is quite prevalent. Therefore, there arises a confusion that to which area the post belongs to.
These PIN codes come into use then and helps in eliminating the confusion over the places named similarly. Apart from that these codes are used in sorting the mail more easily thereby resulting in faster and efficient delivery at the correct address.

How To Find PIN Code Of A Bank?

To find the PIN code of a particular bank in India, visit today. Here, we have given the PIN codes of all the 165 computerised bank branches along with their IFSC code, MICR codes and SWIFT codes.